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White Flight book cover

White Flight is an excellent new novel which will change the paradigm for how we look at civil rights. The book explains how blacks and whites will benefit if the U.S. makes fair reparations for slavery, an issue even liberals still avoid. The book also demonstrates how segregation is the simplest and best way to end racism; if the races are separate discrimination will be impossible.

The author predicts that large numbers of European Americans will soon leave the United States just like previous generations evacuated inner city neighborhoods. This will be a disaster for the United States just like it was for the inner cities. What will trigger this ultimate White flight from America? Who will benefit, who will be hurt? Anyone interested in race relations and politics must read this book.

White Flight is not only dedicated to the two great Americans who favored racial separation, but their names and ideas are mentioned throughout the novel.

Thomas Jefferson portrait
Marcus Garvey photo
Thomas Jefferson
Marcus Garvey

To order a copy of White Flight  please send $15.00 ($11.95 plus shipping and handling)

($20 outside of the U.S.A. and Canada)

Make the check or money order payable to 'J. F. Schneider' and send to

J.F. Schneider
PO Box 41364
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