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Osama Bin Laden is Dead

May 5th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Most Americans were happy this week when we heard that Osama Bin Laden was killed. However his ideas are not dead and his goal of spreading Islam throughout the world is not threatened. Sadly the Western nations who act as his enemies are actually his greatest allies. They put up a half-hearted fight against Islamic terrorism, while simultaneously helping Islamic immigrants displace native people in Europe and America.

There are some legislators in America who want to pass laws banning the Muslim religious law known as Sharia law. This would be completely ineffective and only make us feel good momentarily. If current of immigration trends and birth rates continue, someday Muslims will become a majority in the US and Europe. When this happens they will elect Muslim leaders who can repeal and pass whatever laws they want.

The only way to ensure that Sharia law is never the law of our land, is to stop immigration and actually encourage repatriation of people who have different values. No Western nation has even done the minimum, which is to stop immigration. Therefore you could say that Western leaders are actually allies of Osama Bin Laden.


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