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Connecticut killer

August 7th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Omar Thornton of Connecticut shot 8 workers in the warehouse where he worked. He said that his workplace is a racist place. “They treat me bad over here and all the other black employees bad over here too. I wish I could’ve got more of the people.”
Company CEO, Ross Hollander said that Thornton, who killed himself, had been “embraced” at the company until a company investigation revealed that he had been stealing and reselling beer.
The company made the mistake of firing him rather than having him arrested. The Center for Perpetual Diversity highly recommends pursueing justice to its fullest by calling in the police and having thieves jailed. Serious criminals can be a danger in the workplace and should be handled properly. Most companys just want to take the easiest path. They want to avoid legal problems and bad publicity. It was a fatal mistake in this case.


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