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Trayvon Martin

March 25th, 2012 · Uncategorized

Trayvon Martin is another victim of forced integration. In a segregated, culturally homogeneous community this would have never happened. We may never know the full details of what happened that night. It is unlikely that Mr. Zimmerman will get a fair trial because there is so much pressure to punish him. No one is really interested in hearing his side of the story. I want to hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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Norwegian Killer

July 25th, 2011 · Uncategorized

Anders Behring Breivik killed at least 93 people in a bomb attack and shooting rampage in Norway on Friday July 22, 2011. He was frustrated by Norwegian leaders careless attitudes toward the threats of Islam, immigration and multi-culturalism.

Norway’s immigrants nearly tripled from 1995 to 2010 to almost half a million in a small  country of only 4.8 million. Many people are upset about this because it will result in Norwegian culture dieing out. Anti-immigrant political parties have increased but that has not resulted in any changes yet.

We predict that Europe will face more violence and financial crises’ in the future. The violence will come from either frustrated Europeans lashing out at their leaders refusal to preserve their heritage or from Immigrants who feel that native Europeans should make even more concessions to them. The financial collapse is also inevitable due to the ageing population and the fact that productive workers are being replaced with people who take more from the government than they give.

Europe can still save itself if leaders act now.

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Osama Bin Laden is Dead

May 5th, 2011 · Uncategorized

Most Americans were happy this week when we heard that Osama Bin Laden was killed. However his ideas are not dead and his goal of spreading Islam throughout the world is not threatened. Sadly the Western nations who act as his enemies are actually his greatest allies. They put up a half-hearted fight against Islamic terrorism, while simultaneously helping Islamic immigrants displace native people in Europe and America.

There are some legislators in America who want to pass laws banning the Muslim religious law known as Sharia law. This would be completely ineffective and only make us feel good momentarily. If current of immigration trends and birth rates continue, someday Muslims will become a majority in the US and Europe. When this happens they will elect Muslim leaders who can repeal and pass whatever laws they want.

The only way to ensure that Sharia law is never the law of our land, is to stop immigration and actually encourage repatriation of people who have different values. No Western nation has even done the minimum, which is to stop immigration. Therefore you could say that Western leaders are actually allies of Osama Bin Laden.

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multiculturalism fails

February 17th, 2011 · Uncategorized

Recently French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared that multiculturalism had failed. He joined other world leaders and ex-leaders who have finally recognized the obvious.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Australia’s ex-prime minister John Howard and Spanish ex-premier Jose Maria Aznar have recently said multicultural policies are not working. However they are still focused on successfully integrating immigrants.

It may take a few more years before they understand the Center for Perpetual Diversity’s position that mass immigration is a form of genocide because it eventually destroys the native people whether or not they integrate into the host society.

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South African farmers

December 11th, 2010 · Uncategorized

Since a recent delagation of farmers visited Georgia 80 South African farmers have expressed an interest in immigrating to the country of Georgia. The Georgian government described the farmers as the “best in the world.” South Africa was a great place to live and own a business, but when white farmers lost the protection of the apartheid system it became too dangerous as many farmers were killed. The Center for Perpetual Diversity hopes that Georgia will welcome all South African whites not just farmers. Any country which welcomes large numbers of these productive people is destined to do well.

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Housing Policy Is School Policy

October 16th, 2010 · Uncategorized

The Center for Perpetual Diversity reviewed: Housing Policy Is School Policy: Economically Integrative Housing Promotes Academic Success in Montgomery County, Maryland    Published by The Century Foundation

 Not one of the 15 figures and tables in the report analyzed the effect on the middle class or wealthy. The is a very important omission because it shows that think tanks and government officials don’t care about normal people who pay the bulk of taxes making all these programs possible.

The review was faxed to several Montgomery officials. Email the center for the full one page analysis.

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Danish study

September 26th, 2010 · Uncategorized

Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist published a book entitled Among criminal Muslims. In the book, Sennels shares a psychological perspective of Muslim Culture, handling anger and religion. The research was the result of hundreds of hours of therapy with 150 young Muslims in the Copenhagen youth jail. He concluded that integration is not possible. Any serious attempt at forcing integration would destroy the native culture.

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roadblocks in Trinadad

August 31st, 2010 · Uncategorized

On August 26 the federal court ruled that use of police roadblocks is unconstitutional.

These roadblocks were used during times of increased violence in bad neighborhoods in Washington DC.

Thanks to an anonymous shyster lawyer three plaintiffs who were stopped were each awarded $3,500. The harm to society is even greater.

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Connecticut killer

August 7th, 2010 · Uncategorized

Omar Thornton of Connecticut shot 8 workers in the warehouse where he worked. He said that his workplace is a racist place. “They treat me bad over here and all the other black employees bad over here too. I wish I could’ve got more of the people.”
Company CEO, Ross Hollander said that Thornton, who killed himself, had been “embraced” at the company until a company investigation revealed that he had been stealing and reselling beer.
The company made the mistake of firing him rather than having him arrested. The Center for Perpetual Diversity highly recommends pursueing justice to its fullest by calling in the police and having thieves jailed. Serious criminals can be a danger in the workplace and should be handled properly. Most companys just want to take the easiest path. They want to avoid legal problems and bad publicity. It was a fatal mistake in this case.

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Arab rape

July 28th, 2010 · Uncategorized

An Arab was convicted of rape after having consensual sex with a woman who had believed him to be a fellow Jew.

Sabbar Kashur, 30, was sentenced to 18 months in prison. The court ruled that he was guilty of rape by deception. According to the complaint filed by the woman with the Jerusalem district court, the two met in downtown Jerusalem in September 2008 where Kashur, an Arab from East Jerusalem, introduced himself as a Jewish bachelor seeking a serious relationship. The two then had consensual sex in a nearby building before Kashur left.

When she later found out that he was not Jewish but an Arab, she filed a criminal complaint for rape.

Handing down the verdict, Tzvi Segal, acknowledged that sex had been consensual but said that although not “a classical rape by force,” the woman would not have consented if she had not believed Kashur was Jewish.

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